MIAD, Tatto & Ydemaker. Eco-designed furniture

Hey there design enthusiasts and sustainable living fans!

Guess what's happening in Madrid right now? The MIAD Fair kicked off on March 6th, and it's shaping up to be an absolutely stellar event. We're thrilled to be in the midst of all the action, especially since we're showcasing a couple of eco-awesome creations we've whipped up for the Tattoo Contract's stand in collaboration with our circular material lab partners WIM STUDIO.

Want the scoop on what we've got on display? First up is our "circular" table. This beauty isn't just a feast for your eyes; it's also a win for Mother Earth. We've crafted it from a mix of post-consumer recycled materials, snagged from the leftovers of food and fashion industries and waste generated in construnction sites. Talk about turning trash into treasure, right?

Circular table, close view

But wait, there's more! We're also presenting a super versatile totem – it's like a sneak peek into our eco-friendly material playbook. This piece isn't just a pretty face; it's a storytelling champ, giving you the lowdown on the different eco-conceived materials we are all about. Plus, it's packed with interesting tidbits about how we source the recycled stuff that gives our designs their green edge.

We're stoked to have these pieces steal the spotlight at the MIAD Fair, and we can't wait to see the crowd's reaction. If you're into design with a conscience and happen to be in Madrid, swing by and check them out. It's all about embracing creativity and keeping it green – hope to see you there!