Ydemaker at the MIAD Fair

Hey there!

Just a quick update for everyone who follows our journey: We're thrilled to announce that we'll be participating in the "Madrid Inside Design and Art Fair" (or MIAD for short)–and it's not just any event. MIAD is where art meets design, and decor dances with architecture, all curated to showcase Spain's top-notch brands. This event is making its grand entrance from March 5th to March 17th, 2024, right at the iconic Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid.

Expect to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of design brands, hospitality pros, and those manufacturing magicians who bring ideas to life. They'll all be there, setting the scene for what's new, hot, and a must-see in the industry.

Now, for the really good part: Our team has been working on something special. We're proud to reveal that we'll be showing off our latest sustainable design piece—a table that's all about eco-conscious style, crafted from a cool mix of reclaimed materials from construction sites and the fashion and food industries waste with a dash of brutalist flair. You'll find it gracing the Tattoo booth, so be sure to stop by!

And because we love to share the story behind the design, each piece will feature interactive QR codes. Give them a scan to dive deep into the history of the materials used and the inspiration behind each creation.