DROPCAKE: Recycling Fashion Catwalk’s Decor into a Furniture Material

This project was for a french company based in Paris, that makes paper for ephemeral decorations.They work with a lot of designers and fashion brands to create amazing universes and decoration for catwalks, events, stands and even restaurants.  It is a handy material, easy to transform thanks to the fibreglass inside, which give it its stiffness. Hence all the crazy shapes we can do with it.

But what is the problem with this material? Because of its composition, it can not be recycled like normal paper, therefore after its service is finished, this paper is shredded and burnt.  So the customer came to us with a question, “is it possible to give this product another life as a material to create new decorations as ad infinitum?” And so we did, I created a material which can be transformed in several shapes, again, then it can be shredded again, and reuse even as an injectable material.   This is how drop-cake was born

Customer: NDA Protected

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