CMF design

Why cmf design matters?

Industrial design focuses on the form, while CMF design is responsible for crafting the 'attire' of a product.

How a product appeals to our senses - its appearance, texture, and overall sensory experience - significantly affects the perceived value it offers, be it aesthetic or functional, to the consumer. Indeed, by employing a color and design strategy, CMF (Color, Material, Finish) design enables brands to adapt a single product to various markets and applications. For instance, the same packaging, furniture, or product could be tailored to be presented as a premium item or as a general consumer good. Additionally, CMF design can enhance functional and aesthetic qualities such as ease of cleaning, scratch resistance, among other characteristics.

How do we work?

Initially, our process involves collaborating closely with our clients' in-house teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of their sustainability goals and aesthetic vision, the demographics and regions they aim to serve, and the core identity and stylistic elements of their brand. Armed with this information, we then investigate the predominant market trends and employ moodboards to visualize various thematic concepts, showcasing strategies for color, materials, and surface design. Once the design trajectory is established, we assist our clients in pinpointing the most suitable suppliers and optimal industrial solutions tailored to their unique requirements

Our skill in this field

  • Surface design: Laser texturing, mold textures, parametric surface design
  • Paints and varnish finishes
  • Pigments and sustainable coloring of elements and materials
  • Technological watch
  • Materials research & developpment
  • Industrial technology and material scout & watch