Digital Images

Why it matters?

A picture can convey as much as a thousand words, but it's crucial to minimize the resources consumed by physical prototypes. Consequently, digital visualizations present the most effective method for sharing our concepts with clients, partners, and financial backers. Whether it's to depict materials with precise detail using procedural textures or to use digital graphics for disseminating information, a visual representation speaks volume

How do we work?

We have the capability to incorporate this service into your design project, or we can assist in digitizing a 3D model provided by an external source. Additionally, if you're interested in experimenting with various finishes, such as fabric textures, we're equipped to craft procedural materials that can be seamlessly applied to digital representations of products and packaging

We can add this service to you design project or we can help you give a "digital" life to a 3D model given by a third party. In the case of we would like to explore different finishes, like fabrics, we can also work on the creation of procedural materials to be applied on digital imagery of products and packaging.

Our skills in the field

  • Blender
  • Procedural material (Susbtance Designer & Sampler)
  • Rendering and staging (Keyshot, Substance Painter and Sampler)
  • Apply and rework of branding imagery (Photoshop, Illustrator and more).