Why it matters?

Greenwashing is pervasive, and legal regulations are increasingly stringent regarding it. This phenomenon obstructs the shift toward more sustainable consumption habits. Misleading claims or partial truths have become commonplace for those striving to adopt more sustainable manufacturing practices. Consequently, brands frequently ask for our help as intermediaries to pinpoint possible inaccuracies in sustainability claims.

How do we work?

Once we have layered out with your team you functional, technical and aesthetic needs, we will do a market scouting of all the materials and technologies compatible with your product or packaging, that best adapts your needs. At the end of this services, you will have a detailed documents with a list of several technology providers and material suppliers that are really "sustainable". But if you want we can also accompany you in the selection process of materials and suppliers to help you screening the most "honest" options.

Our skills in the field.

  • European directives. 
  • EN Norms and standars
  • Supplier filtering and screening
  • Technical material selection