Circular Table

The Circular Table is an sustainable furniture design featuring an innovative material developed through a partnership with WIM Studio. It's a patented composite that repurposes various waste materials. ILUNION provides salvaged textiles, ABSOTEC® ACOUSTIC ABSORPTION® contributes used acoustic foams from construction, and leftover phenolic flooring from gym refurbishments is also integrated.

To enhance the composite's structural integrity, improve mechanical characteristics, and aid in processing, pine resin—known as colophony—sourced from the depopulated regions of Spain by Universo Dríada Vida project is added. Additionally, mussel shells from the Galician seafood processing industry are incorporated.

By adjusting the mix ratios and the particle sizes of the components, we can achieve a range of surface finishes. The innovative Recycled Textil Stone material can be colored and machined, creating a versatile, eco-friendly product with a semblance to natural travertine stone, thus avoiding the need for quarrying.

Following its development for large-scale production, Tattoo crafted the circular table from this material, a part of the eco-friendly furniture collection we designed for their catalog. This table was unveiled at the Madrid Inside Art & Design Festival (MIAD) in March 2024 and won the 1st place to the most sustainable and eco-friendly design.

Photo Credit: Antonio Vides

Tattoo Contract & Wim Studio
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