Perfecto Lipstick

PVL x Givenchy.

Perfecto Lipstick spring limited edition.

PVL Beauté, a renowned French firm known for creating packaging solutions for luxurious cosmetic brands, including Dior and Givenchy, has established a long-term partnership with us. Their request was for me to develop an assortment of CMF (Color, Material, Finish) design ideas, as well as to assist their material providers in crafting a palette of materials, colors, and finishes that would captivate their primary market segments, namely millennials and Generation Z. Our approach involved initializing with trend research and mood boards, which led to the development of different thematic concepts, visualized through computer-generated imagery.

NOTE: To date, only one concept has been unveiled publicly, while the remaining concepts are under wraps and cannot be disclosed online at this moment due to a binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

PVL Beuté & Givenchy
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