PWR panels


A sustainable solution for wall covering

Interior wall coverings and ephemeral decoration are usually made with panels in metal, plastic, MD or some combination thereof. But what happens to them once they are no longer in use? They are thrown away and this generate a huge waste.      

The reason why we started this R&D design process internally is due to the large amount of waste generated when fairs or ephemeral events reach to and end. In fact, all of us have participated in various of these events and we all agree that it is necessary to something.      

And this is how these panels were born, as a way to be an alternative to this problem. Made with an agglomerate of wood residues, they do not have any phenolic resins, but they are flexible enough to be used for complex shapes. And even better, its surface can be printed with very realistic finishes. Another positive point is that they can also be biodegradable or reusable depending on the type of ink used.      

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