Upcycled clothing furniture

As indicated in the project overview, Vivahard was an innovative design endeavor focused on transforming discarded fashion materials into a new lease on life as compact furnishings or store fixtures. Our customer wanted a catalogue with a range that goes from hangers to petite furniture pieces. Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with our client to elevate the worth of their materials by developing a comprehensive catalog of products ready for production. The project went beyond merely considering the physical characteristics of the materials; we aimed to create products that were easily repairable, with components that could be straightforwardly replaced or recycled. We achieved this by designing the pieces without the use of screws, glues, or fasteners, relying instead on the inherent weight of the components to ensure both durability and functionality.

This project was proudly presented at the "Porto Design Biennale" in the year 2023

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